Are you tired of feel stuck when it comes to PCOS? Craving sugar non-stop? Weight that just won't budge? Trust me, I get it.

My name is Emily and I help women with PCOS lose weight and increase their fertility with simple diet and lifestyle changes. I'm your guide as you learn to nourish your body, calm your mind, detox your home, and support your heart. I’ve been in your shoes and am happy tell you that positive change is absolutely within your reach.

Ready to kickstart your PCOS weight loss journey? Learn the basics of a PCOS friendly diet and stock your kitchen with essentials to set yourself up for success! Simply drop your name and email below to sign up for the free guide. 

I also encourage you to join the Mending Together Facebook group for discussion, videos, and accountability. It's a free online support group filled with women who totally get it.

Mending Together, 

Emily Hawkes
PCOS Health & Wellness Coach

PS: I dislike spam email as much as I dislike irregular periods. I promise I won't spam your inbox or sell your information. Pinky swear.

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